Peter Giardina is an American singer, songwriter based out of Dallas,Texas. Original compositions include a variety of styles. Rock,Rhythm and Blues, Funk and Easy listening. Written over three hundred original songs including instrumentals.This page is dedicated to soundtracks only-Pages to the right display other styles of music. Received great reviews from Steve Miller of the Steve Miller Band. Inspiration comes from the British music invasion along with the Swiss harpist with his new-age music-Andreas Vollenweider.
Peter has received three crystal awards for having the best of the best cable access show in Dallas,Texas for five consecutive years. He has written commercial jingles for nationally known businesses.
"Wingspread" was the main collaboration between Peter Giardina and
Gioacchino Longbardi

Gioacchino Longbardi president and Artistic Director at Neapolitan Music Society. 2011-Present-Albany, New York.

The Neapolitan Music Society, by its active support of research, performance, education, and preservation , seeks to promote and give renewed voice to the lost musical masterpieces of seventeenth-and eighteenth-century Naples. Gioacchino former Conductor /Artistic Director at Saratoga Springs Youth Orchestra(SSYO) 2010-2014-Saratoga Springs, New York College.

Studied at Conservatory of Music San Pietro a Majella di Napoli